Who am I?

Curious of the reason behind the name of the blog? There’s an old Henry Rollins quote that I always loved:

Keep your blood clean, your body lean and your mind sharp.

So, who am I?

Well, where can I start?

Haiti 2010

I’m a sinner. A failure at many things. Not the perfect father. Not the perfect husband. Not the perfect citizen. I am flawed in more ways that I can communicate. I have made more mistakes than you would care to read about. However, I continue to strive to become a better person in every aspect of my life. Constantly analyzing,  constantly looking to improve. Consistently looking towards God for guidance towards humility and living humbly. I am a husband and a father of 3 awesome girls. I have many passions, including philanthropy and my faith. Though Christian, I am forever open minded and welcoming to all people without preconditions of conforming. One of my favorite quotes is:

Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary: use words

And I try to apply this approach with every waking moment. Do I fail? Often. But I am determined to dust myself off and continue on a path to seek God’s grace through sanctification. This has led me to be involved with many causes, locally and globally. I had a blog about a Mission Trip I took to Haiti in 2010, please feel free to check it out. Curious of some of the other causes I’ve been involved in…or the path in which I’m feeling God’s calling in the near future? Shoot me a message and lets talk!

So, by now I’m hoping you understand where my foundation is and upon which my other passions can exist.

I’m a health-nut in training (haha). About 6 months ago, I was introduced to the Paleo diet and I have been on a Paleo lifestyle ever since. At 30, I am in better shape than I have ever been. You can learn a little about my path through: My Personal “30 Day Paleo Challenge” Journey! – This has only encouraged me to continue and to help others reach their goals as well. Interested in having a Paleo Coach (someone to help you through a 30-day Paleo Challenge)? Please contact me, as I am always open to spreading the ‘Good News’ in as many avenues as possible!

Faith, Family, Jiu Jitsu-is there much else in life?

I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Blue Belt, under Coach Phillipe Gentry at (Alliance Jiu Jitsu affiliate) Gentry’s MMA & Fitness. I have been practicing BJJ for about 5 years now and also run & operate a garage gym called Black Flag Combat where I take advantage of opportunities to introduce BJJ to new athletes and every day people interested in the sport. I really enjoy teaching BJJ because it is very rewarding to see a student evolve into a great BJJ athlete, but also because I learn to improve my BJJ game even better, by teaching! I have many goals with Jiu Jitsu, including having a Brown Belt by the age of 40. I also have goals regarding the elevation of my ‘students’ and hopefully one day owning and operating my own Jiu Jitsu gym! Many of these goals are already being realized, as I am working on another BJJ goal of mine – which is to spread the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu throughout the world, primarily targeting developing countries. More on this later 😉

When I am not working or training Jiu Jitsu – I am doing the most rewarding thing that I know possible: spending time with my family. I am a big kid at heart, and playing with my 3 girls is more fun then any night out with the fellas or trips to the bar can ever be!

My rock..my everything...Wifey

My rock..my everything...Wifey

Ok, I think you’ve gotten a good idea….I have so many ideas that rattle through my brain, that this blog will sometimes represent a wide variety of things – but they will usually stick to Social Issues, Health, Exercise, Religion and Family.

Have a question? Have a comment? See something you want to correct or expand on? Reach out to me via e-mail, or in the ‘comments’ section!




  1. Hey Sean. Thanks for commenting on my post. I was looking around on your blog and I got excited when I read about your Paleo lifestyle. I, too, had fantastic results with Paleo. I started my journey back in April. In just 4 weeks I had dropped 13lbs, just with the diet alone. I had so much more energy. I then started running every other day and managed to lose a grand total of 40 lbs in about 3 months time. Paleo is the way to go! I have to admit though, I’ve fallen off the train. Once we get through this holiday eat-all-these-cookies madness, Paleo will come back into my life. I’ve gained back about 10 lbs and I’d like to keep it from going any further in that direction. Again, thanks for posting, and have a very Merry Christmas!

    • Hey Travis! Thanks for the comment! I did the same thing: Paleo without much working out. I stopped all running (was up to 7-10 miles a pop, but wasn’t seeing much results)…and never liked lifting weights….Saw incredible surprising results with the Paleo alone! I’m also an big advocate of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – which has become my only outlet of workout. I did the same thing as you: took a break for the holidays…I’ve been on one long run from Thanksgiving to Christmas of junk food and sodas! haha. Shockingly, haven’t put on a whole lot of weight..maybe 4-5 lbs. But I’m planning to do a 60 day Paleo challenge with strength training starting on 1/1/12….Hoping to see how far I can push the progress. Maybe you can take the challenge with me! The more the merrier! =)
      Take care!

  2. Hi Sean,

    I’ll be following your blog.


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