New Years Resolutions? Goal Setting? MUST HAVE TIPS to finally getting it right!

New Years Resolutions? Goal Setting? MUST HAVE TIPS to finally getting it right!

Setting New Year’s Resolutions? Or maybe just need to focus on Goal Setting to get you out of the rut you’ve found yourself in? Here’s some good tips and things to think about along your Goal Setting process:

  • 25% of all New Year’s Resolutions are broken within the first 2 weeks.
  • Less than 20% of people actually ever write down their goals
  • Of those 20% that write their goals down, only 20% ever regularly review them

So, here are some steps to help you become 1 of the minority that actualizes their true potential and reaches their goals:


No, seriously…give this some good thought. And write down a real answer. Not a “well, I am who I am” POPEYE type answer. But a real answer. And this can be more than just 1 statement or sentence. We are, after all, complex individuals…therefore we are many things. But the key to this exercise is that it classifies how you identify yourself. Your identity is who you are. It is what defines you. This will start you out. If you find that your self-classified identity is a negative one, then you must first resolve to fix this. Because you will naturally and subconsciously stay consistent, act & re-act consistent with your identity. If you identify yourself as something negative (“I’m a chronic procrastinator”…”I’m depressed”…”I’m overweight”) – then you are setting your nature up to be consistent with that identity. So, with that in mind – identify yourself as something you want to be consistent with!

Next, Write down your Values.

What is valuable to you in life? Your relationships, you career, your health, your skills…? The list goes on. Try to be specific here and be as detailed as you’d like.

Now that we have clearly acknowledged your Identity and your Values,

you should be able to clearly identify and write down your goals.

When writing your goals and how you get there: begin with an end in mind. Ask yourself the right types of questions. Don’t just WISH for these goals to be met or to achieve certain milestones. If you ask yourself the right questions (such as: How can I establish this business? How can I lose 30 lbs.? How do I become a champion?) you will be surprised by the answers that your subconscious will naturally come up with! This is a great exercise to practice & one that I do all the time! Instead of saying “I’ll never be able to do 30 pull ups” or “I’ll never be able to get financial freedom” – ask yourself “How can I get up to 30 pull ups?” & “What steps do I need to take to become financially free?” – when you do this, be ready!! Because the ideas are going to naturally start flowing and solutions will be flowing!!

A good exercise to do after this point is to get your ‘third party’ on and pretend to write a Newspaper/Magazine article about yourself in the future! Mark your accomplishments and how you got there. Remember, you’re writing about yourself in the future – so, this is after your goals (large or small) have already been achieved! What steps did you take to get there? What smaller accomplishments did you make along the way to meeting your goal(s)?

One of the last things that you’ll want to, which will accompany the ‘writing of goals’ step – is to


This can be a collage, of sorts, that is a collection of pictures, words, images, cut-outs from magazines, etc. Everything on the storyboard should relate directly to your goal(s). This should be hung in a place where you will see it every single day. I recommend that it be in your office, or perhaps next to  the mirror in your bathroom.

The point of the ‘placement of your Storyboard” is what makes this article take a full-circle. Remember when we started and I mentioned the 20% of the 20% that actually ever review their goals that they wrote down? This Storyboard is to serve as your daily reminder…you will see it everyday and visualize your path towards achieving your goal(s). Every day, you will focus your day around the smaller achievements necessary to achieve the ultimate goal(s)! Do this daily and you will not be stopped! “We Become What We Think About”….let that sink in as a cornerstone to our talk about ‘Identity’!

Lastly….for me, anyway…and I encourage it for you as well: Prayer.

Visualizing is one thing…Knowing your identity is another….But, in my opinion, the Mind & the Body must  coordinate with the Soul in order to reach the peak of true Goal Fulfillment!!

Goal Setting

Goal Setting


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