The 12.26 Project: Thanksgiving 2012 **EXTENDED TO Christmas**

Statistics show that between the Thanksgiving and New Year holidays, that we are more generous givers and in overall better moods. We give to the Salvation Army person ringing the bell outside of the grocery store, help one another in troubled situations like a broken down car, and tip just a little bit more than we normally would for a service. After all, it’s the Holidays!

Last year Clean.Lean.Sharp started a movement that put the “Holiday Spirits” into a constructive effort – and we called it: The 12.26 Project. We organized a clothing and food drive that was personally delivered to people less fortunate…living without homes, shelter or any idea where their next meal may come from. The effort was a SUCCESS!

This year, we are hoping to do the same thing. This time, for Thanksgiving!

We’re going to keep…

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