Fathers: Where are you Men Of Courage?



A father should love his children and seek to win their hearts. He should protect them, discipline them, and teach them about God. He should model how to walk with integrity and treat others with respect. He should call out his children to be responsible men and women, who’ll live their lives for what matters in eternity. Some men will hear this and mock it, or ignore it. But I tell you, as a father, you are accountable to God for the position of influence that He has given you. Some men will hear this and agree with it, but have no resolve to live it out. Instead they will live for themselves and waste the opportunity to leave a Godly legacy to the next generation. But there are some men who, regardless of the mistakes they’ve made in the past..regardless of what our fathers did NOT do for us…will give the strength of our arms and the rest of our days, to loving God with all that we are! And to teach our children to do the same. And whenever possible: to love and mentor others who have no father in their lives, but who desperately need help and direction.
So where are you, men of courage? Where are you fathers who fear the Lord? It’s time to rise up and answer the call that God has given to you!
(from the 2011 movie “Courageous”)


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