Be A Comforter

Be A Comforter

I feel like I’ve lived my entire life, up to this point, seeking a path towards being comfortable.

A comfortable life.

A Comfortable future.

With the end result being a Comfortable retirement.

Every decision and investment (money, time, attention, etc.) that I’ve made has been towards this path of “Being Comfortable”. But this is a false path that we’ve engrained for ourselves in society: Go to a good school, get good grades, get a good job, build a good 401k, all so that you can live out a good retirement. Comfort. But I remember this line that helped open my eyes a little bit, when I was on a Mission Trip in Haiti: “God doesn’t comfort us to make us comfortable, He comforts us to make us comforters.” So I’ve tried to think about that line during any time that I’m able to sit back, take a deep breath and be comfortable within the given time that I’ve worked hard to achieve the days of comfort. I then have tried to actively take that time to be a comforter for others.

But the more I think about it, the more I see that I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

Instead of: Working hard to be comfortable, and then using the ‘comfortable time’ to be a comforter – My goals should be to:

Work hard to be a comforter.


Cut out the middle work that is causing unnecessary steps in the process of becoming a Comforter to others. Stop the motivation from being ‘my own comfort, so that I can use some of it to be a comforter’ – instead, be motivated strictly for the purpose of comforting others. Those in need (whether it be physical comfort, emotional comfort, spiritual comfort, etc.)

And not for the purpose of getting blessings or praise or ‘karma’.

And not because ‘I have to’.

But because I GET TO!

Be A ComforterWe must remember, our relationship with God is not controlled by us. We cannot force God to bless us or love us or help us. This is the false narrative of “Karma”. There is no such thing as good or bad “Karma”. God loves us, He blesses us & He is with us no matter if we do good, bad or even deny His existence. He is forever present in our lives. So, don’t “do good” (or avoid “doing bad”) because you think this can affect your ‘Karma’ points….He loves you already – Do positive things BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, not ‘so that He’ll love you’!

My money is not my money…it was afforded to me by God. My time is not my time, it is gifted to me by God. My life is not my life, it was blessed to me by God. Therefore, I have the responsibility to use God’s gifts wisely and not selfishly. If I start to think of this as “my time”, “my energy”, “my money”, “my comfort” – then I fall into the false narrative “that I deserve it”. Instead, these belong to God – and I am commissioned to handle God’s things with a responsibility and an understanding that I’m able to use these gifts to comfort others because I GET TO – not that “they are mine & I have to” – these things do not belong to me.

They were given to me and I GET TO use them to be a comforter.

Fixing my own personal mental programing (how I’m wired to think/act daily) won’t be an easy task. But I am committed to re-wiring my understanding of my purpose. Recalibrating how I operate daily to achieve the goal of being a comforter, overriding my own selfish urges to seek personal comfort. With the understanding and belief of what is written in this note, there is no mistaking any other path.

Our lives are meant for the comfort of others.


How will you live today?



Be A Comforter † ♥


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