The 12.26 Project: SUCCESS!

Lets just save the suspense: The 12.26 Project was a great success!

12.26 Project

This was the pilot project for The 12.26 Project – we didn’t quite know what it was going to look like, or how it was going to turn out. It really just started as an idea: “Let’s take the spirit of ‘Peace On Earth & Goodwill To All Mankind‘ and create an opportunity for others to participate in this – making this, otherwise ‘1-day season’, a year long practice”. We always hear about how people are in better moods, more gracious, more giving and caring of each other during the Christmas season. But what do we do about the other 11 months? The 12.26 Project was started to help prolong those moments of Peace & Goodwill and turn them into lifestyles

Here’s a brief summary and some pictures

Mountain Of Donations!


The kids had fun, donating 98% of their toys and climbing the MOUNTAIN of clothes and blankets that had been collected!









James 1:17


Clothes In Piles

Clothes were gathered & separated into piles for distribution. I promise you: I’ve never seen this shirt before and happen to come across it while prepping on Christmas evening. It’s a quote from James 1:17 “Every good and perfect gift comes from the Heavenly Father”—-a sign? I’d certainly like to think so! (I wore this shirt on 12.26, by the way, while distributing donated items!)




Jeep Loaded up with blankets/coats!


Food individually bagged and loaded into the car!

With the Jeep loaded to the top with TONS of coats, blankets & pillows (pictured left) and the Honda (pictured right) loaded up with 50+ plates of home-cooked meals (Wife and 2 friends cooked…the house smelt INCREDIBLE!) – we were ready to roll! Stopped at some normal spots that we were familiar with (interstate exits that we frequented) and then headed downtown to find that our initial concern of “having more items than people found” quickly changed to “how can we gather more items and come back?” –

The need is PLENTY!



The pilot of The 12.26 Project was indeed on 12.26.2011 – but we have full intentions to continue it throughout varying months – so, please stay tuned for more! And Let us know if you’re going to put together a 12.26 Project of your own! This project was managed by a simple, middle-class husband & wife team. However, this isn’t a “ME” thing….Here at Team CLS, we encourage your participation! It is our goal to see 12.26 Projects held all over the world, throughout the year! Get your church involved…get your school involved…get your communities involved!


In Conclusion:

The project was an incredible success. The immeasurable (as there always is with things like this) is the awesome bonding experience my wife and I were able to enjoy as we did this project together! I can’t express to you enough how projects like this help strengthen your relationship with the people you do them with! Whether it be a Mission Trip with strangers (here & here), a gift drive with friends, or a 12.26 Project with family – the immeasurable will be the bond that you obtain as a result, while doing for others! Save your money on “spousal counseling” and organize a 12.26 Project together! You will thank me later! =)  Start it with a prayer…give all the Glory to God…and bond with the people you’re helping and the people who are helping you!


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