A Christian-Based Book about YOUR LIFE!

A Christian-Based Book about YOUR LIFE!

You read that correctly: a book that can include your life story in it!


I am embarking on a great new concept for a book to be published!

Everyone has a very unique and special story to tell in their lives. Yes, even you! But not everyone will obtain some superficial pinnacle of ‘fame’ to have a biography written in their name of their life stories. Often these stories are either left untold, undocumented or dilute through generations. If you belong to a church, or a Christian community, you likely know that many many people have very interesting and inspirational life stories leading up and through the time that they accepted Christ into their lives. These stories sometimes live and die within the church or Christian community. The intention of this book is to help bring out the inspiration from your story and your relationship with God, through Jesus, to reach a world wide audience throughout generations!


The book’s concept is to tell non-fictional short stories of random people’s lives (that would be you!), to include their slumps in life as well as their triumphs! Each story will personify each individual’s arrival to accepting Jesus in their lives, and identifying the significant role that Christ has in their lives.



“My life isn’t that exciting, it’s not newsworthy or interesting”

WRONG! — Everyone…yes, EVERYONE has an interesting life story. It may be uneventful to you, but there could be someone out there who is counting on your story to identify with! Don’t worry about being creative with your writing style, we can take care of that part.



Would you like to use your life story and your relationship with Jesus to help and inspire others?

Here’s what I need you to do:

  1. Open and read the Book Questionnaire (this is a 2-page PDF document)
  2. Fill out all Required & Optional items on the Questionnaire
  3. Return Questionnaire with all 6 items detailed in e-mail or document


Questions? Post in comments below, or feel free to e-mail me at:


or find us on Facebook:


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