What is Bounceology? (a Spiritual Guide to Healing and Recovery)

Bounceology” n.  (bouns ēˈäləjē): A Spiritual Guide to Healing and Recovery

Spiritual Guide To Healing and Recovery

For a Spiritual guide to healing and recovery, there are 4 components to ‘Bounceology‘:

  • THE FIRST component of the ‘bounce’ is: The Fall

Somewhere in your life – you are going to experience “the fall”

The ‘bounce’ is what converts the ‘fall’ into a victory

Anytime the Lord allows for you to fall, the intention is for you to ‘bounce’

Instead of “the bigger they are, the harder you fall”: The harder you fall,

the higher you bounce!


  • THE SECOND component of the ‘bounce’ is: The Impact

The impact will bend you out of shape when you fall…but you must absorb the impact


  • THE THIRD component of the ‘bounce’ is: Restoration

Surviving the ‘Impact’ by refusing to stay permanently bent-out-of-shape

Restoration is: getting back your identity

You are not what your circumstances say that you are

Suddenly, the ‘Impact’ dissipates and the ‘Impact’ loses steam

Restoration happens when ‘what is on the inside’ pushes back on ‘what is on the outside’

Faith is going to cause you to receive ‘restoration’

Where something on the inside says “I’m tired of this” and starts pushing back


  • THE FOURTH and Final component of the ‘bounce’: Elevation

You begin to rise again!

That which was against you, God can take and cause it to work FOR you

“The harder you fall – the higher you bounce”

When the ‘Elevation’ comes– no one can hold you down





 Want some more details on Bounceology & the Spiritual Guide To Healing and Recovery?


Above are my ‘cliff-notes’ that I took from the following testimony by Jentezen Franklin (it’s in 3 parts):






Want to know more about the author of this blog (that’s ME)? click HERE!


Please take a moment to watch these video and apply the lessons on Bounceology  in situations where the spiritual guide to healing and recovery can help you in any situation!


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