Elizabeth’s 30 Day Paleo Results! 13lbs LOSS in just 30 days!

13.3 lbs LOSS in 30 dayswithout any workouts, drugs or supplements! – 100% Clean, Lean & Sharp!
 Just before Elizabeth’s 27th birthday, she decided to partake in the 30 Day Paleo Challenge. I had been pestering her about it for a little while and – after some strong consideration and seeing  my30 Day Paleo Challenge Results – she committed 100% to the program. On November1, 2011 she started her 30 days and hit the ground running with an energy for success!
Here is her testimonial & here Day-1/Day-30 comparisonstats:
13.3 lbs
Thigh (left):
Arm (left):
Elizabeth says:

During my 30 daychallenge I only ate and drank things that are Paleo approved.  I did occasionally have wine which is Paleo friendly but is supposed to be avoided during the challenge.  I limited my nut intake to a maximum of 2 oz. aday, if at all.  Since my goal is weight loss, I also limited my fruit intake– only had fruit on 3 out of the 30 days.  Since I wanted to test the effectiveness of the “diet” I did no exercise during the 30 days.  I sit at a desk all day at work so my results are entirely related to the changes I made in the way that I ate!
This “diet” was so much easier than I expected.  I assumed not being able to eat bread would be sad, depressing, and downright impossible. Turns out giving up bread was the easiest part and it was incredibly rare that I even craved it.  The hardest cravings for me to beat were linked more with social settings– i.e. wanting a beer at a football game or chips-n-dip at a party.  It was just a matter of recognizing what my temptations were going to be in these situations and getting in the right mind set before I was face to face with my former fat-kid-friendly-snacks.
I can honestly say that I have never felt better.  I have way more natural energy and food even taste better to me now.  I will definitely be continuing to follow the Paleo lifestyle and don’t feel like it’s a sacrifice.  After seeing the results that I was getting with Paleo, several women in my office have started eating Paleo as well.  This serves as an extra layer of motivation for me to succeed and get in shape.

Check out this incredible TRANSFORMATION!!
She will continue with her Paleo lifestyle now and continue on a path to a healthy life. She is now joining a gym and going to include a workout regimen with her healthy living. We look forward to checking up on her later for more inspirational progress! Can’t wait to see the transformation continue when she incorporates a workout routine with the Paleo Lifestyle!! 

Great Job Elizabeth!!
Interested in joining the team of successful transformations with Paleo? Start HERE!

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