Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 30!

This is apart of an on-going blog for those on TEAM CLS’ Journey:

healthierYOU – Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Day 30


You have successfully completed your 30 Day Paleo Challenge and are well on your way to a HealthierYOU!
Today: take your final progress pictures (remember to wear the same clothes that you wore in day-1 & take the photo from the same distance, in the same lighting, and with the same pose—-this is important to see the true changes in your body, and not necessarily the other atmosphere changes)
Also, take all your same measurements….time to compare your Day1 weight/measurements to Day30!
You’ll likely realize that the weekly progress pictures didn’t seem to have much change…but comparing Day 1 to Day 30 pictures, you will see a large improvement!!
Time for a little reflection – take a  moment to notate/blog/comment/e-mail your overview of your Paleo Journey.
For example:
  1. What were some of your challenges?
  2. You were supposed to cheat a total of ZERO times….be honestdid you stick it out?
  3. What parts of the Paleo diet turned out to be much easier than you had originally thought?
  4. Do you feel better about your health/look/size than you did last month?
  5. What changes have you seen in your life these last 30 days other than ‘feeling healthier’ (i.e.: getting deeper rest, having more energy,influencing others, managing your cravings, eliminating cravings, having more positive outlook on other things, etc)?
And the most important question of all: Will you be continuing with a Paleo Lifestyle beyond your 30 days?
It’s important to remember that the reason you go 100%, zero cheating, INTENSE during your first 30 days is to ‘detox’ your body, in a way.You are hitting the reset button on all the junk in your body. But *zero cheating*, while easy to maintain in 30 days – is pretty unrealistic, indefinitely.

This is where a lot of diets lose people.

Paleo is not just about these 30 days. This was the extreme measure you needed to take in order to get the junk out and reset the HealthierYOU! Now that your 30 days is complete, it’s important that we don’t go right back to the bad eating habits that got us out of shape in the first place. If you do that…then you basically just wasted your time this past month. Additionally, your body is now ready to communicate with you when something isn’t good for you. Try having that bowl of Lucky Charms with regular milk now….bet you’ll be on the porcelain throne quite soon 😉
See, since you cleared your system of all the junk – your body is going to be able to be more honest with you now. All these drinks with processed sugars are going to seem waaay you sweet….greasy foods will upset your stomach….you will start to be able to recognize the CRAP and, as a result, naturally be able to continue avoiding them.

You were not just getting in shape during these 30 days, you were re-training your taste buds and your internal system!

So, here’s your post-30 day solution:
The Paleo 80/20 Lifestyle
It’s quite simple, actually….you continue living your life, practicing the same Paleo principals that you just did for 30 days – at 80% -and you’re allowed to go off the Paleo path for 20%.
So, to break your weak up simply – I like to do it this way:
  • 6 days (85%) a week is strict Paleo…sticking to the same principles that you’ve gotten yourself comfortable with
  • 1 day (15%) a week is a complete cheat day…enjoy yourself!
Obviously, this is the simple way to break it down — but,if you happen to pick your ‘cheats’ throughout the week – just be sure to monitor it, that it stays within your 20%
Sounds pretty good, right? Do you think you can commit to this?
This is the key to maintaining the momentum of what you just started!
This is the key to making sure you didn’t just waste your time and energy these last 30 days.
The hard part is done, now you just gotta put it in ‘cruise control’!
I hope this blog has been helpful to you these last 30 days!

Continue being passionate about your health, and your body will continue to reward you!

Also, PAY IT FORWARD! – you are not an island….so, reach out to others in your network/family/job/church/etc and recommend Paleo for them, if they’re looking for a health-solution! Become a coach to them (you’ve been through the gauntlet these past 30 days, you have a lot of valuable experience that you can share with others!) – plus, you have these blogs as an excellent resource!
Plus – coaching others, will help you stay in the mind frame to continue the Paleo lifestyle for yourself. This is a win-win!
If you hit any speed bumps along getting to a HealthierYOU!, please feel free to reach out to me – we are all in this together!
Thanks for following along…and I sincerely hope you’re seeing & feeling all the benefits of Paleo…so much so, that it takes zero ‘sales pitch’ to get you to continue!
Here’s to a HealthierYOU!!!
Team CLS


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