Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

This will be an on-going blog for those on TEAM CLS’ Journey:
healthierYOU – Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

End of Day 3:
So, by now you’re kind of getting the gist of the diet, butstill struggling with your meal plans a bit and finding your comfort in theevery-day routine of meals and snacks. You’re probably also starting to hit ‘detox’ mode of your body from no longer getting its regular dose of processed sugarsand grains. You may even be finding that you’re hungry more and more. This is OK – don’t starve yourself, answer to your hunger & EAT!
Think of it this way: have you ever heard of “eating too much salad”? or “too much carrots”? or “too much chicken?” — if you’re eating clean, you can’t eat ‘too much’.
So: when you’re hungry, EAT. And eat until you get full.
Getting bored with some of the same old meals already? Well, then, you should get online and start getting creative with your meal plan. Ifyou start hitting a wall, let me know and I can make some meal suggestions for you (breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks). There are TONS of varieties out there!
It bears repeating over and over again: PREPARATION LOVES SUCCESS! —want to succeed in this challenge? PREPARE!
You’re halfway through week 1, keep focused on the positive and energy that got you rolling this week! Don’t let your eyes trick you in the mirror & stay off that lying scale. End of the week is almost up & time will be for your first progress-photo. Some of you will see a significant change from day 1 to day 7…and some, only a small change – but the key is that you are heading in the right direction! You should be feeling a little better (acid reflex, heart burn, stomach aches, etc. should be decreasing).
Today, remind yourself to focus on getting better rest.
(A tip for next week’s preparation: I like to prepare many meals on Sunday….enough for lunch and dinner for the next 6 days. This makes Sunday a busy day, but will make your next 6 days the EASIEST 6 days to remain loyal to your Paleo Journey.)
Keep pushing along and trust in the program! You are now officially rolling along in your personal journey to a healthierYOU!


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