Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 23

This will be an on-going blog for those on TEAM CLS’ Journey:

healthierYOU – Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 23

Day  23:
This is it! The final stretch! You have gone through the waves for the last 3 weeks and dealt with various issues to maintain 100% Paleo lifestyle….and here you are: 1 MORE WEEK!
Just like after the 15th day (your halfway point) you should start picking up the aggressiveness on your diet (trying to refine it even simpler…even cleaner…even healthier) – If this were a run, you would attribute your 3rd week to picking up the pace, focusing on your fundamentals, widening your stride and stepping into a higher gear. Well, this final week is your last lap…you know what that means: SPRINT! Get on your toes, pick up the pace and go for the gold! Translating this back to your diet: time go ultra-clean! Try going this entire final week without any fruit and any other item that would have sugar or carbs. Yes, sounds intense – but that’s what the SPRINT is: intense! Be incredibly strict on yourself! Seeing the finish line just ahead should be motivation enough! Use this as a tool of motivation! You can step things into SPRINT gear this week and really drive home the results that you were really looking for in this 30 day challenge!
Today’s blog is going to be short and sweet – you have made it this far…you know what has worked for you and you know what has caused you issues. By now, you’ve certainly learned my Paleo Motto and adopted it as your own: PREPARATION LOVES SUCCESS!! Seeing that finish line ahead should be motivation enough.
If possible, during this week – try to get out and do a little exercising & core workouts (can be very brief)….if you have already been working out during your 30 days…see if you can kick that up into SPRINT gear also. Let’s FINISH STRONG!!
The transformation has already started taking place….clothes may be feeling a little looser, attitude may have been improving, cravings have been more manageable and controlled…….you are already (Charlie Sheen: ) WINNING! Keep this up! You don’t see the leader of a race decide to chill on his run during the last stretch, do you? No…he sprints!
You assignment this week: SPRINT! =) 

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