Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 15

This will be an on-going blog for those on TEAM CLS’ Journey:
healthierYOU – Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Day 15:
HALF WAY THERE!! You should be taking your ‘week 2’ progress pictures today.
Ok, so let’s talk about some of the speed bumps you may have run into so far these last 15 days:
  1. Struggling with energy for your workouts..
  2. Getting bored with your ‘limited selection’ of meals/foods/snacks
  3. Paying the price for lack of preparation (leading to ‘cheating’ and/or under-eating)
Those are probably the most common 3. So, let’s break themdown a bit:
1.  Struggling with energy for your workouts. Many people run into this problem because they are used to having carb’s for that energy.
Here are some Paleo energy foods:
  • Bananas, Sardines, Almonds, Blueberries, Avocado, Spinach
  • Also…EAT MORE. Sometimes, you aren’t eating as much as you should – consider that the basic Paleo diet is designed for the average person. If you have a workout schedule that burns more calories, then you also want to increase your calorie intake to help with energy! Remember: If you are eating clean, then there is no such thing as “eating too much”. 😉
 2.  Getting bored with your ‘limited selection’ ofmeals/foods/snacks.
  • Expand your horizons. Start searching different Paleo websites for ideas (this blog, for example!). Or simply type whatever meal you are wanting to make and type “paleo” in front of it to get ideas from others ofthe Paleo version of that meal (GOOGLE SEARCH is your friend!!). Then, start exploring…those ugly squashes you always see in the produce department: pick 1 up and look up some recipes to use with it. If you’re getting bored, start spreading out your grocery list, to add more variety!
  • Some sites that I like to use:
There are a TON out there…just start searching!
3    3.  Paying the price for lack of preparation.
  •       This one is simple: PREPARE! Remember—“Preparation loves success”…if you take preparation out, or limit it…you are also limiting your chances for success. Prepare. Prepare! PREPARE!!
  •       There is no excuse for cheating in the 30 day challenge. This isn’t the Paleo lifestyle you will live after your 30 days (more on the 80/20 lifestyle later). So, you should be able to be extremely strict on yourself with these 30 days. Think about how fast this past year has flown by…we are well into the holidays now and 2012 is right around the corner…that is a YEAR….the month’s fly by even faster. 30 days is NOTHING!
  •      ‘Cheating’/’Fudging’/’Slipping’/etc is unacceptable during your 30 day challenge!
  •       You HAVE to be 100% in order to reach your 100% potential!
So here we are…1/2 way point! This is a good time to take a good look in the mirror (literally and figuratively). This is the time for any half-time adjustments that you need to make to reach your 100% potential! Writedown what you ate & drank for the last week or so. Be CRAZY DETAILED! Write if you chewed gum, everything! This is a good way to assess if there are still adjustments you can make to dial into your diet even more! Remember, you want to be healthier…but you also want RESULTS. If you’re still putting sugars in your coffee, or sucking on mints all day, or having milk with cereal in the AM…..then I will just save you some anxiety now: you will NOT see your 100% potential results. Period.
Be strict on yourself…remind yourself why you’re doing this.Remind yourself that: if you half-ass it, you’re going to get half-assed results.

I’ll say that again so that it resonates:

If you half-ass it, you’re going to get half-assed results.

Make that second half adjustment…find the major (or even minor) flaws in your first 2 weeks and perfect upon them in your last 2 weeks.
This is (pardon the pun) GUT CHECK TIME! How much do you really want this?
This week: find your stride in your diet! If you’re able to exercise:work on your core a little more, check out THIS LINK!
Dial back all sugars (including natural ones you’re getting from fruits)….be mindful of your oils and what/how you’re getting them.
If this were a race, you’re starting your 3rd of 4 laps…time to start increasing your speed and stride….step into the next gear and really go for it! You didn’t come this far to let it all slip away….LETS GET TO WORK!!
As always, if you have questions or need help getting over a wall that you can’t seem to get over: contact me personally, or add a ‘comment’ and I will get back with you!
Now, watch the below 3 minute video…get the message and how it translates to you and your Journey (the ‘enemy’ he talks about is your doubters..whether they be real people, or just your own personal doubts).

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