Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

This will be an on-going blog for those on TEAM CLS’ Journey:
healthierYOU – Paleo 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

End of Day 1:
See, that wasn’t so bad – was it? You’re likely still getting used to not having that sugar in your system…or all those empty carbs or processed foods…or even the comfort foods. This will be tuff for the next 7 days or so, but it gets easier! Keep these same excitements going throughout this week! Ways to keep it:
  • Continue TALKING TO PEOPLE about your Paleo Journey and your goals
  • Continue to BE DETAILED about your meal plans (snacks too)
  • Continue approaching each day with the same excitement that you began the first, REMIND YOURSELF WHY you chose this challenge!
Remember: “Preparation Loves Success!”—so, keep track of your daily intake (be specific with qty/size and include foods/drinks/snacks…even down to the gum you chew!) The more you make this process interactive, the more you will be interested in being fully involved in your Paleo Journey!
Today was an incredible start and a great way to begin your new path into a healthy lifestyle and a healthierYOU!
Will be in touch shortly to check on your progress!
Team CLS

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