What EVERY ‘Dieter’ NEEDS! (Paleo First Aid Kit)

Think about it: the reason every office, gym, etc has a “first aid kit” is just in case something happens. Well, how many times have you been on a diet and fell off the wagon because you had a crazy-busy/stressful day and were just on the run with no time to prepare a proper (CLEAN) meal/snack?
I don’t know if  tests have ever been done on that – But I’m willing to bet that this has caused a HIGH percentage of diets to go bust!So, I present to you: YOUR SOLUTION:

Paleo First Aid Kit:

Start with 2 things:
Bag (think: lunch bag, book-bag, shoot even a grocery bag)

With the Pen/Paper:

1. Draw a line down the center of your paper.
2. On the left side: make a list of all the worst-case scenario cravings you may have along your journey.
  • Keep it simple. Some common ones: “something sweet”, “some caffeine”, “energy”, “small, busy-work snacks (chips, etc)”

3. On the right side: write the simple Paleo equivalent for every scenario listed

  • Keep this simple too, because you don’t want to be carrying around luggage!
Here’s a sample of what mine looks like:
So, for every craving or ‘bad’ situation that I could have over the general day – I wrote down a Paleo-friendly solution. This doesn’t mean that I’ll consume all these things every day. This is, after all, a “Paleo First Aid Kit” for just in case moments.
I take my little book bag and fill it with these items.
So, if my schedule gets hectic and I find myself on the road through meal-time, I’m able to dig into my Paleo First Aid Kit and pull out the item that will help hold me over until I’m able to get to my final destination for meal-time.

What would you put in your Paleo First Aid Kit?

Need help identifying Paleo-friendly solutions for any of your regular cravings? Leave your comment below and I’ll try to offer you some solutions!
Now, start packing your Paleo First Aid Kit today, it is GUARANTEED to save you from more ‘cheats’ than you can even imagine!
“Victory Loves Preparation!”

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