Prayer+Action=More Than Conquerors!

As many of you have heard through my jumping up & down about this issue, Son Of God orphanage in Haiti is one that is deeply connected to me and my wife & many many friends of ours. Many people have visited there on volunteer/Missionary trips and all have raised one concern or another. Over the years, there have been more than enough hushed mumblings about what people suspected was going wrong at that orphanage (ranging from: corruption, to child trafficking, to sexual & physical abuses, to neglect, to laundering of goods/donations, and yes: even to organ trafficking!).

It started with a bunch of people innocently raising concerns that things just didn’t seem ‘okay’ there….or something seemed ‘off”. Soon, people began speaking to others who had visited the SoG orphanage….and through social networking, we all started realizing that we weren’t alone in our concerns. In fact, we started putting together stories of our individual trips and it started becoming clear as children’s health and progress (weight, etc) was getting tracked (not to mention instances where 1 group would donate a large quantity of 1 item – only to have a separate group come through a week later to find that the donations were completely non-existent).

Once a core group of people, who were consistently checking the weekly/monthly status at SoG through different groups that went or by visiting personally, to have reached a conclusion that there was indeed blatant and gross abuses going rampant in Son Of God orphanage. In fact, children were being found with incredibly infected soars throughout their bodies…some missing missing and some even presumed to be dead.

Like a snowball effect, the voices began getting louder andlouder. Many efforts were attempted to get things fixed and regulated with theorphanage. But to no avail, the abuses of power continued with the familyrunning the orphanage. Finally with all options exhausted, onOctober 16, 2011, a petition was started to raise awareness and attempt to getCNN to shine a light on this devastating story by covering the orphanage(receiving over 10,000 signatures!). A second petition was also later createdto directly petition the President of Haiti to intervene (has received over2,000 signatures!).
This was the beginning!
As the petitions began to go VIRAL, some of the organizers thathad been most involved with this efforts, started getting feedback and begansetting up meetings with media personnel and the Haitian government!
By 10/20/2011, many developments had begun – but nothing hadofficially been decided or actioned.
From 7:00-8:00pm (EST), a large group of supporters for thismovement scheduled an hour of prayer. Many participated around the nation andaround the world! We prayed for resolution…prayed for the safety and securityof these children…prayed that they’d be moved from the orphanage…prayed thatthey would remain strong as they moved into a new atmosphere and to new people…prayedthat they could live as kids once again and no longer as victims &prisoners & slaves. Prayed for all that and much much more!
Today, around noon, we finally received the incredibly relievingnews:

Haiti Closes Orphanage for Child Neglect

Police officers and child welfare officials sealed off the unpaved street in front of the Son of God orphanage and the children who lived there were loaded into a UNICEF bus and taken to new homes.

We were ELATED!!! There is still so much to be done for these children in terms of their transition and them receiving the love that they so rightly deserve. But this is their start to a new life…and to new opportunity.

The hard work over the last couple years on this should renew your hope in the human race! In the fact that people can gather together with nothing to gain from a situation…and  use their power of ACTION to change lives!

The intense prayer over the last couple years, including yesterday’s scheduled prayer-hour, should renew your faith and believe in the power of God!

Action works…but you need prayer.
Prayer works…but you need action.
The formula of the people who helped make this happen:
Prayer+Action= More Than Conquerors! 

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