oooooh YES….if you’re anything like me…the thought of doing Paleo lifestyle and giving up my most precious sugary meal of the day (which would sometimes also supplement as Lunch & Dinner on just the right ‘lazy day’).Oh, yes – this Ode is to you, CEREAL…brought directly from the heavens and put on every grocery store shelf for us to consume!

oh yes…I know…they are my weaknesses too!

So…Paleo: No grains…No dairy….No artificial sugars….well, that erases ALL OF THE ABOVE PICTURED! 😦

What is the solution?

Well, considering: what we crave is actually that crunchy cereal that has sweetness, I offer you an incredible  Paleo Solution!

what you need:
Nuts (I like Almond & Peacans)
Fruit (blueberries are great…banana perhaps…strawberry)
Almond or Coconut Milk
Cinnamon (optional)

Toss your chosen nuts into food processor:

Get them to your own personal desired consistency. I personally like it really fine, because it is still crunchy.
Pour into your bowl…add you fruit for flavoring (yes, this time, I went a little overboard and chose many fruits!):
Lastly, add your coconut or almond milk & (optional) add cinnamon for extra flavoring (no, that’s not dirty’s actually the cinnamon)!


This was an AWESOME meal for me…I enjoyed it too much! Keep in mind, if you’re doing a 30-day challenge or are being strict about your fat/fruit portions, to limit this down to a small meal (handful of nuts, handful of ONE fruit).  Make this a treat for yourself….not an everyday meal. But imagine, if you’re doing this for your “treat” on a Saturday morning instead of Krispy Kreme or Fruit Loops…you’re already miles ahead!!

TRY IT–Let me know what you think!


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