0:60 Second Corporate Break Challenge

If your work day is anything like mine you sit in a boxed incubicle all day tapping away at the keyboard, working to meet particular goalsthroughout the day.
Sounds pretty general, right?
Well, here are some other general things that happen from myoffice in Georgia throughout all the corporate offices throughout the world:
  • Start of the day: “please, no one talk to me until I’ve hadmy coffee”
  • About 2-3 hours into the work-day: “ugh, I’m crashing fromthis caffeine – need to walk to the break room to re-up, that’ll get me throughlunch”
  • About 2 hours after lunch: “zzzzzzzzz…huh? Oh wow, how longwas I out? I’m DRAINED…maybe I’ll get a soda to help me kick out the rest of myday!”
(side bar: all that after-noon caffeine will eventuallycontribute to you not being able to get to sleep until later in the night,therefore not getting a full nights rest & repeating the cycle!)
Look & Sound a little familiar?
Here’s the good news: it’s not all your fault!
Yea, sure you shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night tosee who won American Idol or to see the end of that Monday Night Football gamethat’s being played on the West Coast (really, NFL?…you had to have kickoffat 9pm EST?!). But here’s why it’s not all your fault:
You are not built to sit in 1 place for 8+ hours straight, soyou can’t blame your body for going into ‘hibernation-mode’ because you’retaking something that needs stimulation & movement and planting it like a tree that has 2 branchesattached to keyboard and mouse. So the cycle begins that your body goes intothis hibernation-mode and you continue needing artificial stimulants to prop itup and finish your day. Just picture the Tiger for example…in the wild, theyare active and sometimes travel long distances….but in the zoo, they are lethargicwith their limited space.
Now…you need and/or like your job….so, what can we doabout it?

CreatingHealthy Worksites, establishing work environments where it’s easier foremployees to participate in exercise and make healthy eating choices. From thepress release description for healthy worksites, The Surgeon General morespecifically urges employers to “implement wellness programs that promote healthyeating in cafeterias, encourage physical activity through group classes andcreate incentives for employees to participate”. The 21 page vision further justifies cost effectiveness andimportance for implementing workplace health and fitness programs. Considering the majority of employed American’s spend vast amounts of time attheir workplace, the Surgeon General identifies it as an ideal venue forintervention.  Employer cost benefit for implementing initiatives andprograms that encourage exercise and healthy eating in the workplace is notedper the correlation between obesity prevalence and reduced productivity as wellas increased health care costs.  Some of the attributes listed with thevision for creating healthy worksites call upon employers to:·        Establish creative wellness programs withon-going employee challenges
·        Create culture of wellness integrating messagesabout benefits of physical activity and healthy eating
·        Provide opportunities and incentives forphysical activities through onsite facilities, group classes or personaltraining, outdoor exercise areas, walking paths, and stairwell usage
·        Make healthy food and beverages available andaffordable
·        Become active partners with local communityhealth groups/coalitions
·        Sponsor community health events

Your solution:
Start a workout program at your job. Send this blog to yourboss and recommend that you guys take the lead on getting you & your colleaguesinvolved. It could be a group walk around the buildings. It could be a visit tothe building gym for 5 minutes. But what I’ve found that works best and isapplicable to all offices is what I call:  “0:60 Second Corporate Break Challenge” (aka: FlashMob Work Out!)
Start it simple and short. If you feel the need to, you can stepthings up later down the line.
Every day, at mid-morning & mid-afternoon, set up e-mailreminders (just like a meeting would be) for a 5 minute meeting to go to anopen location and kick out your 60-second exercise for the day. They will bevery very brief and you will all be able to get back to your daily work with alittle more ‘kick’ in our steps!
The idea behind the 60-seconds is that: you’re in theoffice, so you’d rather not sweat and stink up the place. So you do just enoughthat will get your heart rate up, blood flowing, muscles engaged and energy up.Then, the 1 minute is over…everyone disperses and goes on to continue theirwork.
The effect: 
You will find that this is a shot of energy toyour body…your caffeine intake will decrease (less times for you to “crash”from them too!) and you will simply be in a better mood during your day. Irecommend you have 2 separate (easy/hard) variations for every workout, as thiswill help be inclusive to all co-workers (young/old/male/female/etc) and theirwardrobe (consider: dresses/skirts).
Try this – you & your bosses will see an incredibleincrease in mood, attitude, energy, comradery  and overall production from these simple 60second workouts!
As an example, here are the workouts that we implemented atmy job (side-note: I don’t have the 2 separate variations listed)
Every day, at 9:30am & 1:50pm, we’ll get these remindersfor a 5 minute meeting to do find a quick location and kick out our 60-secondexercise for the day. We’ll try to stick strictly to these times, as they’ll bevery very brief and we’ll all be able to get back to our daily work with alittle more ‘kick’ in our steps 😉
Check below for the current day’s schedule:
AMChallenge will look like this, for now:
M –Standard Pushups
T –Standard Squats
W –Overhear Press Pushup (shoulder pushup)
T – HinduSquats
F – Dips
PMChallenge will look like this, for now:
M –Dips
T –Standard (alternating) Lunges
W –Military Pushups
T –Jump Squats (aka: jumping jack squats)
F –Wide Pushups

EDIT: Some addition reading on the benifits of an exercise program at your job!
10 Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace
WebMD: Working Out at Work


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