86% The Man I Used To Be..

Come on, you know the Stone Temple Pilots’ song:
Ok, so maybe I’m not HALF the man I used to be…but I am 86% the man I used to be. And when I say “used to be”…I’m talking about a mere 3 months ago when I weighed in at a staggering 180lbs (which, for my frame/height/size is not ideal!).
It was 3 months ago when I decided to take on this lifestyle known as “Paleo” (what is Paleo? my buddy @ Ninja-Fitness breaks it down pretty well HERE).
And I’ll be honest here…I have my ‘cheat’ days…and I don’t follow the workout advice as well as I should – I simply have eaten according to a Paleo lifestyle and trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for my exercise about 4-5 days a week. I used to believe that the only ways to obtain this goal of being toned & at ideal weight was to: run TONS of miles and do TONS of crunches. Well, I’m happy to report that I have done ZERO ab exercises and ZERO traditional cardio (running, etc)…and I’m down to my ideal weight of 155lbs without killing myself with crazy drastic exercise routines, dieting fad, or supplements. I’m blogging today, 86% the man that I was 3 months ago from CLEAN living.
Some of the things may sound drastic, but were quite easy:
Cut out Dairy
Cut out artificial sweeteners
Cut out alcohol (this was big one for me)
Cut out grains
With little effort in diet & exercise, I was able to get to a weight that I haven’t been since probably high school!
I don’t think I can translate the energy enough that I had when I stepped on that scale and it revealed that 155 goal that I used to throw out as an unattainable one! I hope that this perhaps helps some of you look further into the Paleo lifestyle and consider it for yourself! Maybe you don’t jump in with both feet…maybe you just put a toe in, to start…..but: START!
My name is Sean Coleman and I am 86% the man I used to be, only 3 months ago, with the help of Paleo &  Jiu Jitsu to continue the daily goals of Keeping the Blood Clean, Body Lean & Mind Sharp!
UPDATE…and the challenge continues! See HERE

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