Lift Heavy Things! (and the life and death of iCarly)

One of Robb Wolf’s recommendations for working out, in conjunction with a Paleo lifestyle, isn’t to hit up an LA Fitness or to run 10 miles…’s simple: Lift heavy things.

So, that’s exactly what I did these last 3 days. :)Enter: Project Pond Rehabilitation.

This is how ugly/bad it was looking:

the girls watched at first, as I tackled this nasty project!

Fevin came to join Dad:

Time to get to work!


Our pet fish:

The girls named her iCarly:


Lael watching from above:


Heavy Lifting!

All cleared & cleaned out!!! (WHEW!)

Time to let the girls help me wrap this bad boy back up and look NICE!

Girls practicing their poses (Smiling):

“Thumbs up”:

“Angry Face”:

Enjoying the finished product! 🙂

At the end of the 3-day project…got a great workout….didn’t hurt my back…and only dropped 1 large rock on my foot! All-in-all a good way to maintain physical shape…spend time with the kiddos…and do some work around the house.
Don’t focus on basic excercize and boring routines…..sometimes just:

R.I.P. to iCarly

She only lasted 3 days with us…the move was too stressful and she was found belly-up on 9/19/2011.
The kids will bury her today as they deal with their first instance of “loss”  :o)

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