Faith Vs. Health

How often do we, as believers in a faith, do things that aren’t considered a “good thing” by our faith’s teachings?

I see most Christians (because this is the background that I’m coming from) approaching “Salvation” and “Forgiveness” the same way as your average dieter. We go through the motions of our lives in our normal selfish or sinful or simply “un-Christian” ways…then, one hour on Sundays we ask for forgiveness, are truly sorry and vow to improve – and we are ‘fogiven’, ‘saved’, etc.

But think, for a minute, of your average fad-dieter. We eat poorly and don’t exercise. Then, once in a while (usually right before summer, haha) we adopt a diet program to get us thin/in-shape/healthy. The unique thing about diets though is that it doesn’t take long for you to realize that it’s not working. Or that it doesn’t work for an extended time. We still try every year, or holiday, or special event. But the results are still the same…either:

  • No change


  • Temporary change

Finally, the smart ‘dieter’ realizes that the occasional diet/work-out program in between a lifestyle of unhealthiness won’t get us to our goals. And the only thing that will is a complete lifestyle change. Eating healthy 90% of the time…instead of 10%. Being active more than the occasional pick-up game of basketball. A complete lifestyle change produces a healthier physic and a healthier state of mind.

NOW —- apply this back to faith/salvation/spirituality.

I think, in order to seek true forgiveness and true salvation, is to make a complete lifestyle change. The occasional “my bad, God” throughout the week just doesn’t do it….just like the occasional salad doesn’t do you as much good as it would if it wasn’t flanked by 2 days of fast-food.

Try to approach your faith as realistically as you should approach your health. There are no quick fixes and your changes can’t be temporary. Consider full LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

Side note:

This is probably a good time for my regular speech about these ‘notes’ not being a message from me to you. This is more of what I’ve been crunching on for myself and this is me correcting myself in a way and just trying to figure things out (as we all are). I reserve no seat on any high horses…I’m in need of hearing this message, and just wanted to share it with others in case this helps you as well.

love.peace.aaaaand hairgrease. 😛


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