Shredded Coconut Baked Chicken

So, I was looking for a quick meal to cook with my boneless skinless chicken breast. I didn’t have much Coconut flour left so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to bread it or anything. So I couldn’t really follow many recipes to a T…I searched around online and picked up a couple ideas and did my own thing. So, here you go…very simple…pretty quick…

The ingredients are pretty simple:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

A couple eggs, or (my preference) egg-whites
Shredded Coconut (not sure if you can find this anywhere outside of Whole Foods…but it’s possible they’re in a small section of your local grocery)
(Not pictured) Almond or Coconut Flour (probably sold wherever you can find the shredded coconut 🙂 )
Add the eggs (2) & flour (1/3 cup) …stir…you should get a nice thick paste, like below:
Feel free to add seasoning to that…I played around with adding Paprika, Garlic & Thyme (if those don’t usually go together…it’s probably just because I don’t know what I’m doing usually and I’m just being a mad-scientist with spiced – haha)
Coat the chicken in the ‘paste’ on both sides….this will be your ‘glue’ for the shredded coconut.
Once thoroughly covered with ‘paste’, liberally coat both sides with the shredded coconut.
don’t rub it in (you’ll see why if you do)…just sprinkle it on top and then ‘pat’ it into the chicken without rubbing.
Cover with foil and bake @ 425 for 35 minutes
Once the 35 minutes is up, take the foil off and cook an additional 15 minutes (this helps it get browned on the outside)

Take out the oven and walla!
Nice browned coconut flaked chicken…smells delicious!
I enjoyed my Shredded Coconut Baked Chicken with some leftover Mashed Purple Yams
I have very boring taste buds…so just about everything tastes good to me. Wifey said that it was a little bland and added her own extra spices….I guess next time, I will play with the ‘paste’ and adding more spices…and perhaps letting it marinate longer.

Enjoy. Let me know how yours goes 🙂

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  1. Try adding some curry that might spice things up. Looks like a cool recipe!

  2. mmmm…curry..that sounds pretty good! today, i actually ate a left over chicken from here…was kinda dry, so i added some spaghetti sauce ontop of it….OMG…it was SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious!

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