Purple Yams & Paleo Fried Fish

Got kids and are looking to make a Paleo-friendly meal that they will enjoy?

Well, look no further! 🙂
Let me introduce you to Purple Yams!

Like regular yams, purple yams are extremely good for you. High in potassium, plus B6, vitamin C, fiber, plus antioxidants, purple yams are truly one of nature’s wonders.

I decided to make “Mashed Purple Yams” for the the family….figured the kids would get a kick out of the color and how damn good they are!
Did I mention that I LOVE simple meals? Well, this satisfied that:
Peel your Purple Yams & boil them in water, just as you would regular mashed potatoes.
Once boiled long enough to be soft (I didn’t time this, but was testing with a knife to see if the knife could slide all the way into the yam and pull all the way out without friction) – drain into a strainer:
Add a little bit of butter (as little as possible, if at all) – and DO THE MASH (the monster mash!):
You end up with very bright purple mashed potatoes! No need to add any seasonings or sweeteners, these bad boys are delicious to eat as-is! They are naturally sweet, so you’ll enjoy in it’s most basic form!
While trying to cook everything else, my youngest (Lael) couldn’t get enough of these Purple Mashed Yams and kept coming by to get more samples! haha! She was full by the time dinner was fully ready!
I did another batch of Paleo Pan Fried Fish (click here for that recipe):
By the way, if you’re running into the problem with the costs for some of these Paleo-Friendly items at the grocery stores – Just a heads up that I found cheap Coconut Oil at the local Farmers Market near my house in Lawrenceville, GA. These bad boys are going for about $2.50:
Topped it off with some boiled corn-on-the-cob (no added salt or oils or butters). My oldest (Fevin) helped by Husking the corn with me (a true CORNHUSKER!)
All-in-all, a VERY easy meal to make. The kids were first taken aback by the color of the Mashed Yams….but once they took a bite, they loved it! The fish was a hit again…and, of course, kids LOVE corn on the cob!

Try out these Purple Yams (might need to check out a Farmers Market to buy them) – and let me know your stories! =)

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